Leopard Frog at the Life on the Rocks exhibit, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The camera and photographer are reflected in the frog's eye

About Reflected Wisdom Photography

Sonoran Sage capturing her own reflection in a large plate glass window

In search of that elusive image, reflecting our experience of life and the world — presenting the images captured so far by a dedicated, yet non-professional photographer based in Southern Arizona.

Many years ago, the photographer kept a blog called 'Reflected Wisdom under Sonoran Skies'. In keeping with her residence in, and love of the Sonoran Desert, she decided to retain a portion of this name for her growing body of photography work.

Photographic commissions from friends and family, on a non-commercial basis, may occasionally be considered.

For wedding, baptism, senior and family portraits and other formal photography sessions, we recommend Lovelight Photography.

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